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*Who? We are a group of senior (over 18's) board and figure gamers who meet every week. The club has been running since the mid 80's

*Where?We meet at the Five Arches Pub, Annan Road, Dumfries

*What we doPopular at the moment is Flames of WarWe have a Tunisian Campaign running at the moment that might well continue into Sicily and Italy.Warhammer Ancient Battles - last year we did a Punic Wars Campaign which was a lot of fun and saw the Carthaginians dominate the Med. We also support the Warrior WAB competition at Gateshead.We also play Under the Lily Banner (Marlborough)Warhammer ECW/Thirty Years WarFire and Fury (ACW)As well as a range of board games including Junta and Axis + Allies.Basically, if you've got a good game system you should find an opponent. Last updated 17th June 2008

*When?Tuesday Nights 7 - late. At the moment there are no subs, but you can always buy a round!!